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How to Fix HP Printer Scanner Not Working In Windows 10/11?

How to Fix HP Printer Scanner Not Working In Windows 10/11?

HP printer Scanner

In this blog we will tell you how to fix HP printer Scanner issue. If you have all in one HP printer and creating some issue like HP Printer Scanner is not Working, then you should read this blog till the end, and you will be able to resolve your issue.

Reason Why HP Printer Scanner Is Not Working?

There may be many reasons why your HP Scanning is not Working. Some of the common issues you may be facing like Computer not detecting scanner, pop error, and Scanner not scanning files. These are the most common errors of this problem faced by a lot of peoples who are using  HP printer.

Fix HP Printer Scanner Problem Step by Step

First Step

Steps To Resolve HP Printer Scanner Problem. So you just need to follow the steps carefully.

 Firstly check, Is your copier is working or not? Please put a paper that should have something written on it on the HP Printer Scanner tray or copier tray. then you just need to press the copy button, if you get a copy of your paper that means your copier is working properly. There is an issue with either the software of your printer or there is a network connection problem.

Troubleshoot using windows tool – Please go to the device and printer page. Please find the path below in the image.

HP Scanner not working

Click Start on your printer and click on the troubleshoot option. If there will be a driver issue or network issue, windows will find it for you and will recommend the best solution to fix this issue.

Redownload and install a new driver for your printer – Please go to HP Official Website and click on software and drivers. Here you need to select the printer option. Next page, you can type your printer name with the model number in it.

Here You Will Get A Few Choices To Resolve This Issue:

  • Install HP Smart App
  • Install diagnostic tool – HP Print and Scan Doctor for windows
  • HP Drivers

You can select any of these and HP software will try to fix the issue.

Second Step

Check if your firewall/ Antivirus is stopping the communication or not.

If you are using this printer in the office and if you have an IT person or developer, please take help from them to remove your firewall block.

For the home users, if you are using a free antivirus program then you should remove all of them. If you are using a paid antivirus, then you should contact an antivirus company.

Third Step: Hard Wire Connection

If you are using a wireless connection, then you should try connecting it using a hardwire. In case your USB cable connection is working okay, then you should try reconnecting using wireless.


In this whole blog we discuss about how to fix HP Printer Scanner Issue in simple steps. If you need any help or you have any related issues regarding your computer or printer so you can call us at our toll-free number at +1-888-256-6612. Also you can visit our website for more information.

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How can I fix the HP printer scanner not working issue?

Check if your copier is working.
Check if your firewall/ Antivirus is stopping the communication.
Hard Wire Connection.

Can I take tech support help for HP printer scanner not working issue?

Yes, you can call Local Geeks at +1-888-256-6612 and take tech support help for HP Scanner not working issue.

Who is the best tech support for HP Printer?

Local geeks help is one of the best tech support for HP Printer Scanner not working issue.                                             

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