How To Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Brother Printer Error ts-02

Brother Printer Error TS-02 is the one most common error many users have confronted during their print job and raised a voice of assistance to fix it. This specific error issue will appear when the WLAN access point or router is not detect by the system while printing. You don’t need to wag-off; we are here to guide you to deal with such a problematic error code in a effortless manner. You can also call us if you are not able solve the problem.

Every user when buy printing machine, their main motto is to get the quality printouts of any documents. So, when we talk about quality based printing service, Brother Printer is been preferable as it has unique and advanced features that make the print job very easy. While, few errors may also takes place during printing from your Brother Printer.

Brother Printer Error TS-02

Reasons Why Facing Brother Printer Error TS-02

Numerous possible reasons that can cause Brother Printer Error TS-02 are below. Let’s have a glimpse:

  • Damaging a windows system file can cause such an error code TS-02.
  • Due to corruption of system files.
  • Incomplete or inappropriate installation of printer driver.
  • Improper or incomplete deletion of any hardware from operating device.

When you receive Brother Printer Error TS-02 due to any of these causes, you have to keep calm and read the blog-post. Here, your problem will be solved in a short span.

Fix Printer Error 

Step-by-step trouble shooting procedures of Brother Printer Error TS-02 are mentioned underneath. So, in spite of looking here and there, keep your eyes feast on the given noted points.

While we purchase a printer, basic qualities that we keep in mind are reliability printing quality & use of less consumables. Brother printer is considered one of the most efficient printing machines since years providing quality printouts. However you may face some common errors on your Brother printer.

Brother Error TS-02 is a common error when working with a brother printer. In order to resolve this many user have searched for a quick and easy troubleshooting & requested for the same too. Let us find out if the following easy to follow steps and get Error TS-02, fixed with in minutes that too ourselves. So don’t sweat just follow these simple steps and fix your printer by yourselves.

Steps :

  • To start off, please try to check your printer’s connectivity to your WLAN access point/Router.
  • Now, connect your computer with internet with built-in wireless  LAN making sure that WLAN works correctly.

As you won’t be able to fix Error TS-02 if your internet connection and speed is poor or unreliable.

  • As now we’ve managed this far. It’s the time to get your printer close enough to the Router, make sure there is no obstruction in between printer  & router for good connectivity.
  • Then check and make sure the WLAN access point router is using MAC address filtering. Then make sure the MAC Address of the brother printer is allow in the filter from the Network Configuration list.
  • If your Brother Printer uses  5 GH  Radio signals instead of 4 GH, Brother Printer Error TS- 02 is more likely to appear.
  • Now open the control panel of your computer and then open setup wizard of your printer.
  • Then mention the the standard radio signal & your Brother printer will now start printing uninterruptedly.

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