How to Know if my Computer has a Virus Issue

In this blog, you will learn to find if your Computer has a Virus Issue. Defend the computer from Hazardous Software like Malware with the Indications/symptoms provide below, these symptoms will help you to figure out if your computer has a virus or is it infected with the virus.

Firstly, make sure that you know viruses are the malicious software. It can damage the computer or files and rob your personal Information

There are few symptoms of virus infection in computer.

1-    Pop-Up Windows

Random Online ads which suddenly appears on the screen are Pop-ups, they are not just annoying, few of them can ruin the system and damage the system.

2-   Symptoms in Hard drive

If you find hard drive is making repeatedly and continuedly spinning, While the computer is not in use at all.

Or you are Running out of Space, and seems you have very less room left in your hard drive, both are the sign of virus, if it is in there it will make your computer completely unusable

3-   Effected Speed of Computer if Computer has a Virus Issue

Computer will Start-up slow, other programs will also take time to come up,

One of the reasons of slow computer is RAM and Hard disk space if that is Okay so it might be a Virus slowing down the computer.

4-   Program Getting Crash-

When you Notice that programs are working themselves, like they open and Close themselves or give you some error while you try to open or close any of the program you will have to check if there is a Virus

5-   Data getting Delete if Computer has a Virus Issue

There are some Malware with can delete the data from computer, if you see your files getting delete automatically. You will have to have your computer checked it is virus which is deleting files

6-    Browser Issue

Most of the time when there is a Virus in the computer it will affect your browser.

Sloggy, it will not respond in normal speed, redirect you to different unknown websites. Give you warnings, and will not let you stay on any website for long time.

These are the Few Symptoms of Virus if you find any of them in your computer. Get your computer check and get a good Anti-Virus for the computer to prevent it from deadly virus.

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