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Kaspersky Total Security 2022 | The Best Antivirus For Your Pc

Kaspersky Total Security 2021

In this article, we will discuss about Kaspersky Total Security 2022 Some New Features. Download Kaspersky Total Security For All Your Devices.

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Salient Features of Kaspersky Total Security 2022:-

Real-Time Anti-Virus :–

With real-time scanning, Kaspersky Total Security constantly checks files as you access them. But, If you try to download malware, real-time scanning will catch it at once and not allow it to damage your system.

Blocks common threats :–

Kaspersky Total Security blocks common threats like malware, ransomware & spyware plus complex ones like file-less attacks.

Guards you from cybercriminals :–

Cyber-criminals are counting on you letting your guard down during this global coronavirus pandemic. So, when you install Kaspersky Total Security, it guards you from fake sites & emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity & money.

Good machine performance:–

When you use Kaspersky Total Security it helps your devices to run fast & smooth – exactly as you expect them to perform. For the sake of security, it does not affect your computer performance.

Secure Banking Information :–

These days banking and shopping is online. It is high time when we need to secure the online transaction. Kaspersky Total Security secures your online transactions & credit card details with bank-grade encryption – on PC & Mac.

Stops Unwanted Ads:–

Stops website banners & other annoying or malicious ads showing on your Windows PC.

Protects tracking :-

Blocks websites & social network platforms from tracking your activities & data – on PC & Mac

Prevents Webcam & Mic abuse :

It also prevents hackers spying on you by taking over your webcams & mics – on PC & Mac.

Child Protection :-

Stops your kids from seeing harmful website content like porn, gambling & violence, including on YouTube.

Screen Time :-

Allows you to set screen time limits by device & blocks device use if limits exceed.

Child GPS :-

Let us you find your kids 24/7 by pinpointing their whereabouts on a digital map.

Online backup :-

Backs up your photos, music & files to an encrypted storage space on your PC. Password manager – Creates a private encrypted vault for your passwords, bank card details & confidential documents

If you are looking for support Visit our website Local geeks Kaspersky Security support or you can call us our toll-free Number +1-800-513-4943.

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