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How To Resolve Thunderbird Email Not Working?

thunderbird email not working

thunderbird email not working

Here we are discussing Troubleshooting information in your Thunderbird mail account. As you know Thunderbird Email is a free Email service. If you need to resolve thunderbird email not working issues then you have absolutely come to the right place. 

Here, you will find the instant steps for fixing the errors in the setup of an email account in your respective thunderbird. So, move ahead and must reach Thunderbird professionals for any related issues.

For Resolving Thunderbird Email Not Working Trouble, Follow The Steps As Follows:

 1: Check the thunderbird account password carefully

Check if you are entering the password correctly into the given field or not. If not then you need to simply change it with the correct one and then you can instantly access the thunderbird email account in just no time.

2: You can also look for the existing account settings:

  •  First of all, you have to launch the Mozilla Thunderbird and then have to select the right account
  •  Then select view settings for this account quickly.

 3: Select account settings properly for viewing the incoming server settings on your device.

4: After that, you need to check for the server settings and then you have to choose an outgoing server.

 5: Select the outgoing server from the respective list and then click on the edit option.

 6: Check the SMTP server settings and then finally, go ahead to the ok option.

We hope after following the above steps, you can instantly resolve the thunderbird email not working issues in quick steps.

If still, something is bothering you related to Thunderbird email not working then feel free to reach our professionals. Our experts are available 24 hours, so, you can reach the professionals of Thunderbird anytime you want for the solution. For More Info you can visit our website Local Geeks Help and for the instant help you can chat with our Geeks Experts.

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