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How do I pair or reset a Roku remote?

How do I pair or reset a Roku remote?

How to Pair Roku Remote

Are you looking forward to learning how to pair or reset your Roku remote? If so then you would definitely not regret coming to this site. In this blog, we will share the best steps and guides to help you get what you need done in no time.

Do all Roku remotes come with a pairing option?

Well, yes the new Roku remotes usually have Bluetooth paring options that you can link to your Roku device for more advanced features. These devices mostly pair themselves after you pop the batteries in and are all good to go out of the box. Moreover, some of these new remotes also include the ‘Voice Remote Pro’, which lets you distinguish by either the microphone buttons or the magnifying glass search buttons. So this is a signal that the remote is about to pair.

Nevertheless, there are some Roku devices; mostly the older models that use a ‘Simple remote’ and operate via an infrared (IR) connection. These remotes do not have any advanced features such as ‘Voice commands’ but they do not require a Bluetooth connection either to work. Furthermore, you do not need to pair these remotes; you just got to pop in the batteries and point them straight at the set-top box. They usually have fewer buttons and instead of mic or search options, these remotes have basic back as well as replay features.

Why is the Roku remote not paired?

Roku remotes usually pair quickly. Or, you must pair the remote during the initial setup process, which cannot be completed without a paired remote. After the initial pairing, the Bluetooth remote is typically saved by your Roku device. But sometimes things just don’t work out. So if you update or reset your Roku device, you may have forgotten your remote and need to pair it again. If your old remote has been replaced with a new version, you will also need to pair the new remote for it to work.

How can I pair a Roku voice remote?

  • You would first need to turn on your Roku streaming device (usually you just need to plug it in).
  • Next, you must insert the batteries into your Roku remote. However, if your remote already has batteries in it but isn’t paired yet, you may need to remove and replace the batteries first. Once done, leave the battery compartment open and do not close it. And if you are using a rechargeable Roku Voice Pro then you just need to flip it over.
  • You then need to look inside the battery compartment at the bottom. You need to see a small button and a status light. That is the pairing button you’re looking for, on the rechargeable remote you will find this button located on the back of the remote. Now holding the remote a couple of feet away from the Roku device you need to press and hold the ‘Pairing’ button for several seconds. As soon as your remote goes into pairing mode, the status light will begin flashing.
  • After that, on the Roku screen, you will be able to see a notification saying ‘Pairing remote’. Then after a few seconds, your remote should start pairing and be ready to use.
  • Now in case your Roku is struggling to pair with the remote then you should try and pair from your Roku device instead. You just need to go to the ‘Home’ screen and select ‘Settings’ then you should select ‘Remotes and devices’ and then the ‘Set up a new device’ option. You now need to choose ‘Remote’ to put the Roku device in pairing mode. After which you must hold down the ‘pairing’ button on your remote again.

How can I reset the Roku remote?

Well, you should know that resetting the Roku remote is very simple and easy. You can reset your Roku remote by unplugging the power cable for about a few seconds and then plugging it back again. Most of the time doing this action really does help solve the Bluetooth problems that crop up when you connect the remote. However, you can also restart the remote itself to check out if that helps to solve the problem by doing the following steps;

  • You need to first take the batteries out of your remote.
  • And then you must turn on the Roku device.
  • Next, you will need to insert the batteries into your remote once again. Now by pressing and holding the ‘pairing’ button but for a longer time for about 20 seconds. After which the status light will flash green, in the beginning slowly and then more rapidly. Now when you see the green flash becoming faster you should release the pairing button.
  • At last, your remote should restart and attempt to connect to your Roku automatically. You need to give it a minute however, if the remote looks as if it cannot connect then you should press the ‘Pairing’ button again so that you are able to enter the normal pairing mode.

After going through the above instructions you should be all good to manage and start using your Roku remote easily. Nevertheless, if you face any problem you can feel free to contact the experts at +1-888-256-6612, right here. They will surely assist you accordingly with the most suitable solutions right away.

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