How to Clear a Browser Cache?

Delete browser cache

Delete browser cache to make your browser run fast. Now a day we spent a lot of time surfing on internet. Over the time your internet browser tends to get slow. Deleting cache may benefit you improve performance.

What is Cache?

Some temporary files that your browser uses are cache. It helps to keep local copies of pages, and other content that you frequently visit online. However, uses cache instead of loading the entire website again.

Should I Clear a browser cache?

Deleting old cache files will allow you access information online faster. Cache helps you have a good user experience online. Over the time, it stores many files on your computer. Deleting old cache will the most up-to date version of the website you visit regularly. It will reduce error messages while you load and display web pages.

What should I do with cookies and browser history?

You can delete cookies and browser history, if you are worried about your privacy and security. However, it will not affect your browsers performance at all.

How can I manage these items?

There are different options available for different browsers to manage these items. Here are some helpful steps that you can follow depending on the browser that you use.

Google Chrome

You can read Google’s article on cleaning the cache, cookies, and other data. Where they have different tabs like: Computer, Android, iPhone & iPad. Click the one you like to read. Onscreen instructions will guide you through.

You can hold the “ctrl” button and then tap letter “H” on the Keyboard. Click “Clear browsing data” and select the items you wish to delete. Click “Clear browsing data” to Delete browser cache.

Mozilla Firefox

Look for Mozilla support article about cache. It provides with you with an option to clear cache or set it up to be automatic when Firefox closes. So when you open firefox, it will be cache free.


Read Apple’s article on how to remove history, cookies and other website data from Safari. So it will not slow your browser. You can follow the systematic instructions available there.


This Microsoft support article explains in detail how to, clean drowsing data and what is getting removed.

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