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Five steps to speedup computer

Five steps to speedup computer

speedup your computer

In this Blog, you will learn the five best steps to speed up a computer. If your computer is prolonged or not working, please call us.

Slow computers not only consume a lot of time to perform a specific action but may also cause embarrassment. For example, when you send an urgent email, buy a newly launched mobile in an online flash sale, etc. It all needs your computer to be running smoothly and without any obstruction.

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Ways to clean up & speed up the computer :

There are a few practical ways to clean up and optimize computer performance.

Using Anti-Virus software of good repute

 A complete scan would help the computer check for any bug or infection since many bugs slow down the computer system considerably. To maintain the performance of your computer, please schedule a daily scan.

Windows inbuilt utilities

Microsoft provides several built-in tools to clean up the computer to some extent. We have mentioned a few tools that you can use to clean up slow computer systems and speed up your computer.

  • Defragment and optimize drives – This process can free up the space in the hard disk. 
  • These blocks are scattered, and extensive files written on them are here and there.
  •  Disk Cleanup – this tool helps clean up quickly and erase various useless system files. It clears up the disk space, which improves computer performance.
  • Device Performance & Health – In Microsoft Windows 10, this tool helps check the – Storage capacity, Apps and software, and Windows time service.
  • Fresh Start – If none helps, you can start fresh. It helps to create a new and up-to-date installation of Windows. This will keep your files and some Windows settings and remove some apps. This may sometimes improve your device’s startup and shutdown and other experiences.

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