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How to Fix YouTube Not Working On a Roku Device in 2023?

How to Fix YouTube Not Working On a Roku Device in 2023?

YouTube not working on Roku

Are you in a dilemma wondering how to resolve YouTube not working on Roku in the 2023 issue? Then you should know that you have made just the perfect decision by coming to this site. Here in this blog, you will be explained how to solve the problem by using various solution methods. You just need to read along until you reach the end of this page and you should have all your issues resolved in no time.

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What Could Be The Reason For YouTube Not Working On Roku?

If you are unable to use YouTube on your Roku device then there could be various reasons. However, the common solutions to this problem are fixing a slow internet connection, restarting the device, updating your Roku, reinstalling the YouTube app, entering the correct details or performing a factory reset of the device. No matter what the issue may be you only need to follow the given instructions carefully so that you can get rid of the problem easily in the least time possible.

Below you will find five fixes that you can try to get rid of The Issue:

1. Slow Internet Connection :

Well, a slow internet connection is always the prime cause of YouTube not working on a Roku device. Therefore if your Wi-Fi internet connection is sluggish then you will definitely face difficulty in streaming YouTube, which will lead to your Roku YouTube no connection error. So if you find that the internet connection is slow then you would need to investigate the problem and get the issue fix to be able to stream content from apps like YouTube.

2. Restart your Roku Device :

Do you know restarting any device can help solve a lot of issues and the same goes with Roku? You will need to restart the device in order to solve any existing system or app issues. Doing so, will force shut the YouTube app and then restart it along with your Roku device. Hence you should either choose the ‘Restart’ button from the menu or you could just disconnect the Roku device, wait for a few seconds and then plug it back.

Furthermore, if you like you could also try and reset your Roku device instead of restarting it to fix Roku YouTube no connection. Nevertheless, you should also remember that your customize settings will be lost if you reset them. Keep in mind that you would need to set up the Roku device and then connect it to your account.

3. Update your Roku –

You should know that the YouTube app might launch correctly only if your Roku is updated, besides the Roku player updates automatically. Therefore having the most recent updates will also help to fix frequent unforeseen issues.

Follow the instructions below to set the YouTube TV not working on the Roku device:

To update your Roku device you will need to have access to the Roku home screen. Keep in mind that you do not interrupt or switch off your Roku after you have started the upgrade process; if you do so you could damage the software

4. Down Detector Tool –

Well now using the down detector tool you get to check whether the YouTube website is down or having any issues. Furthermore, this tool also shows you whether any website on the internet has some problems. This manner will help you know whether YT is not working only on your device or for everyone else in general.  In case YT is down across different locations then you will see Roku YouTube no connection issues on your screen. If you are interest then you can easily search for the ‘DownDetector’ tool on Google using your browser.

5. YouTube is not working on Roku – Try a factory Reset

Now in case none of the above solutions works out for you then you should consider resetting your Roku device as you want to fix YouTube not working on Roku. Therefore the procedure for performing a factory reset on your Roku is mention below. However, you would nee to first make sure that your account information has been back up before you begin the reset procedure.

  • You should start using your Roku remote to access the ‘Settings menu’ from the ‘Home Screen.
  • And then you will need to click ‘Advanced’ after you select the ‘System setting option.
  • Next, to complete the process you must choose the ‘Factory reset’ option and then make sure that you adhere to the prompts on your screen.


After you are done going through the above solutions then you should find the issues resolve with YouTube not working on your Roku. If still, something is bothering you related to Roku then reach on Geeks Tech Support Number +1-888-256-6612 right away. The professionals are always there to guide you, so reach them instantly for getting the 100% solution related to its product and devices!

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