What Is Roku TV; How Does It Work?

What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work

What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work? If you are one of those who are searching the internet to know more about What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work then you have definitely come across the perfect blog. Below we have discussed everything in detail that you must know. Therefore if you read through carefully you will surely be able to come to a conclusion and make the right choice of using the Roku TV.

All about Roku

Well, to begin with, Roku is the company that pioneered streaming video right in the living room. Roku has various streaming media devices that comprise about a third of the streaming media device market along with more installed devices as compared to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

The operating system built in Roku powers a number of Roku-branded streaming media devices at a variety of price points. Hence this ranges from set-top boxes and small sticks that connect to the back of an existing TV to an all-in-one Roku TV and this is what has specifically built the Roku experience into a flat-screen which is called LCD TV.

Furthermore, Roku provides you with a wide variety of players at affordable prices which allows you to easily find the right device that suits your needs.

How to operate the Streaming Video?

Now you already know that Roku is a streaming video player which means that it streams video content over the internet to your home in real time. You can stream videos with your computer, smartphone, and tablet and easily dedicate streaming media devices that are offered by Roku.

Nonetheless, streaming video is different from broadcast television the one that broadcasts programming over the air via radio waves. It is even different from cable television which transmits programming over coaxial cable to a set-top cable box, and also from satellite television which transmits programming from a geostationary.

So then you must be wondering what is streaming video, right? Well, streaming video delivers programming over the internet as a stream of digital data. It’s more like you download a file from the internet, but there are no files to download or store on your computer. Instead, the program streams in real-time and in many instances, you can even control the playback by just pausing and rewinding the program.

What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work?

I have a freestanding Roku streaming media player that connects directly to my TV via HDMI (directly for a Roku stick or via an HDMI cable for a set-top box). Therefore, a Roku TV is a TV that has Roku built in and does not require any additional devices to be connected.

You must know What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work that all Roku players and TVs have to be connected to the internet. Many Roku devices can be connected wirelessly, through the Wi-Fi, to your home network. The high-end Roku Ultra streaming media player and some other Roku TVs also have an Ethernet connection, so you can easily connect with a hardwired Ethernet cable if you want a better stable connection. However, in most cases, only connecting your Roku device via the Wi-Fi network works perfectly fine.

Do you know that Roku players require minimal setup?

Yes, all you would need to do is install specific ‘Channels’ or apps on your Roku device to watch specific streaming video services. Such as if you would like to watch Netflix then you should install the Netflix channel on your Roku device. Although installing new channels is free of cost, some channels might need a separate subscription.

You would need to begin by navigating through a menu on the left side of the screen. It can then find all the channels that you want on the Home screen. You should know that the Streaming Channels screen is ‘Home’ to the Roku Channel Store and this is where you will find any new channels that you want to install. Furthermore, the ‘Settings’ screen lets you access all of Roku’s settings and options and you get to search for any specific programs from the ‘Search’ screen.

The channels you install also appear in a series of tiles on your home screen. If you want you can rearrange the titles as per your choice by pressing the ‘Options’ button on your Roku remote and then selecting the ‘Move Channel’ option. Hence doing so will allow you to also customize the Home screen just as you like it.

Overall you get to control your Roku player or Roku TV along with the included remote control or the Roku mobile app, which you would need to install on your smartphone. You can even control the Roku player using Alexa voice commands from an Amazon Echo device or your mobile phone.

What can be watched on Roku?

If you are a user already then you have access to thousands of channels available. It includes both subscription and free (ad-supported) services including both on-demand as well as live content. You will also find many topic-specific Roku channels available.

Have a look at some of the most popular streaming video services on Roku including the following:

  • Apple TV +
  • BritBox
  • Disney +
  • ESPN +
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Discovery +
  • Hulu
  • Paramount +
  • YouTube
  • Spotify and much more.

Moreover, Roku also offers its users its own channel called the Roku channel. This is an ad-supported channel and it offers a variety of movies and TV shows for free.

What all Roku Devices are available?

There are 3 types of streaming media devices that Roku offers with a number of various models within each type.

Look through the list of Roku devices below;

  • Set-top boxes – these are standalone set-top boxes that you can connect to your TV through an HDMI cable. The available models also include the Roku Express, Roku Express 4K and Roku Ultra.
  • Streaming sticks – now these are small devices; the size of a pack of gum that are connected directly to the TV’s HDMI input. The models available include the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku Streaming Stick 4K.
  • Roku TVs – this is a large-screen LCD TV that has Roku streaming built in. There are various companies that manufacture Roku TVs.
  • Roku Streambar – this is if you love high-quality sound then you can go for the Roku Streambar this would be perfect for you. It offers 4K and HDR along with premium sound without the need for extra speakers. The Streambar is simply an all-in-one home entertainment device for your TV.

What is the cost of a Roku device?

There are a variety of prices for Roku players and TVs available in the market. The cost would be from anywhere $24.99 for only a simple Roku streaming stick to over $1,000 for a huge Roku TV.  The cost is not really much if you want a Roku player or TV however, there are no subscription fees for using the Roku services. Nevertheless, you may need to pay subscription fees for various streaming services that you watch on your Roku device like Netflix and HBO Mac etc, all subscription services have different and separate charges.

How to Put a Roku TV in Your Home Today?

You will see for yourself that once you have connected the Roku player or the Roku TV in your home then you would wonder how you ever lived without it.

Moreover, you will soon be using Roku to watch all your favorite programs; What Is Roku TV and How Does It Work you just have to connect your Roku device to your home internet and you should be all ready to start using the same.

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