Can I Upgrade my Xfinity modem

Upgrade Modem Xfinity

Do you want to learn the process of how to Upgrade Modem Xfinity? And do you know that you can get the most from your wireless home network just by choosing to upgrade your equipment and also updating the firmware? This is because outdated equipment and firmware usually slow down what could otherwise be a fast connection. Therefore, to get the most out of your Xfinity Internet service, you need to make sure your network is always up to date.

Moreover, just like how computers and mobile devices are released so are new Wi-Fi equipment models released regularly. Although you do not need to update your equipment immediately to be able to keep your home network running, you could also miss out on improved services if you continue using older models.

How to Upgrade Your Owned Modem?

Now if you would like to enjoy our fast internet speeds like ‘Blast’ which is a DOCSIS 3.0 or the above modem is required. You could also choose to rent one of our DOCSIS 3.0 Xfinity Gateways or you can just buy an approved modem at a retail outlet near you. Besides, if you really want your own equipment then you will first need to make sure that you check the ‘My Device Info’ section to know more about your device and also see if the equipment is compatible with your internet speed or not.

NOTE: Before you decide to purchase a new modem you should make sure to check the ‘My Device Info’ for compatible devices.

What Benefits can you get if you choose to rent an Xfinity xFi Gateway from Us?

Well, you have one main advantage of renting an Xfinity xFi Gateway from us is that we regularly update our firmware automatically, hence you do not need to check for new updates. You should also know that Gateways support the fastest internet speeds over Wi-Fi connections, in order to ensure that you are getting optimal performance as well as coverage throughout your home. You can choose to learn more about the benefits of renting an xFi Gateway.

How You Should Use a Modem and Router?

You need to know that if you do not have an Xfinity xFi Gateway then you would need to periodically check for firmware updates. Usually, you get to check for these updates through the router’s administration site. However, for specific instructions, please see the router’s user guide provided.


We hope that after you have gone through the steps and instructions provided you are able to Upgrade Modem Xfinity without any problem. However, if you run into any issues or have any questions, you can always contact our highly qualified technical team here. They will surely guide you with absolutely relevant and useful solutions immediately.

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