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What is Roku HDCP Error Code 020 and How to fix it?

What is Roku HDCP Error Code 020 and How to fix it?

Fix roku hdcp error 020

Best Way To Fix Roku HDCP Error 020

Here we are with another blog. In this blog we will give you some simple tips to Fix the Roku HDCP Error 020 in your Roku Device. Basically HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. If you are a Roku user and getting 020 error in your Roku device. Then this content will help you to fix the issue. Please read till the end and you will be able to resolve this Roku Error 020 in Roku.

Why Do People Get This Roku HDCP Error 020?

  1. Refresh Rate in Roku is not set properly.
  2. May be the display type is not selected properly in Roku setting.
  3. HDMI cable is not supporting to Roku TV.
  4. HDMI Cable is not connect properly.

How to Fix When Roku HDCP Error Detected In Roku TV?

The issue can be cause by multiple reason So, you just need to follow the simple steps to fix the Roku HDCP Error 020.

1. Refresh rate in Roku is not set properly

  • Go to the Roku HDCP of your Roku device then select settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select the system as soon as you select a system, you will get advance system settings.
  • Here you will see advanced display settings click on that. This is where you need to make sure to select disabled.
  • Now restart your Roku TV and see if the Roku HDCP error 020 goes off. If not, then follow the next step.

2. Not Proper Display Type Is Selected In Roku Settings

Sometimes when we are playing with the settings of our device, we select something we should not, or we change something that we should not.

In that case, Go to settings> from the Roku.com home page and then select display type. In display type menu select auto. Restart your TV again and see if you still have an issue.

3. HDMI Cable Is Not Supporting in Roku TV

If your HDMI cable is not supporting to your Roku Device then you have to unplug your cable and plug it again. Also, if the problem is not resolve still then you have to change your HDMI cable once.

4. HDMI Cable Is Not Connect Properly

Remove the HDMI cable from your Roku device also from the TV and plug, then plug in again properly. Restart your Roku device and your TV. Now try to stream your content and see if Roku HDCP Error 020 in Roku TV goes away.

If you still see Roku HDCP Error 020 and you think you need someone on the phone to fix your issue. We are one of the best options you have. Call our Geeks Support  at +1-888-256-6612. Also, if you are not able to call us then you can chat with our experts by clicking on the below link.

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What is Roku HDCP Error 020?

Roku HDCP Error 020 is a code shown due to some communication glitch between your device.

Common reason for Roku HDCP Error 020?

Refresh Rate not set properly.
Not proper display type is select.
HDMI cable is not supporting HDCP.
HDMI cable is not connect properly.

Technical Support for Roku Error code?

Call Roku Support Number +1-888-256-6612 for Technical Support for Roku device.

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