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Fix Roku Device overheating Issue – Geeks Tech

Fix Roku Device overheating Issue – Geeks Tech

Roku Device Overheating

If you face Roku Device Overheating a lot then must go through this content once. Here, you will find simple ways for resolving Roku device overheating issues. So, move ahead and feel free to reach the professional on the Geeks support number for help.

Reason Why You Get The Issue

  • When you touch your Roku Device and it feels hot
  • Screen pop up overheating message
  • An overheating alert that appears in the top right corner of the screen is among the most reliable indicators that your Roku device has a problem.
  • Red light on alert

5 Ways to Resolve Roku Device Overheating Issue

1: You Have To Unplug The Roku Quickly

If you see the Roku device overheating message then the first thing you need to do is to unplug the device instantly. For doing so, you have to remove the power cord and then have to disconnect it from your respective TV. After that, let it cool down properly.

2: You Have To Instantly Move The Roku To A Ventilated Area

If the Roku has come back to room temperature, then you can easily plug it down. Make sure to avoid keeping it inside the closed cabinet or somewhere when there is enclosed space. So, try to keep it in some ventilated place for making it work properly.

3: Try To Move The Streaming Stick Further From Your Respective TV

If possible, you can move the streaming stick further from your respective TV. It will help it in decreasing the overheating issues in some manner. So, if you want, you can move the streaming stick further.

4: Always keep Your Roku device Clean

Whenever you get the time, make sure to clean your Roku device at regular intervals. It will help you in keeping your Roku device clean so, you can get rid of a lot of troubles with your respective device.

5: Turn It off occasionally

If you are going on some vacation or out of your home for some days then you are advised to turn off your Roku device. It is no harm in turning it off occasionally, but those who are using it for regular purposes are not suggested to do the same for daily purposes.

So, after following the above steps, you can instantly Fix the Roku device overheating problem. If still, you need any help related to Roku then feel free to contact us at +1-888-256-6612. Also you can visit our website for more information.


Question:- Why does the Roku device is overheating a lot?

Answer:- Roku streaming media player is definitely pack with electronics and so like another electronic device, it may get hot. But don’t worry, it is normal, but if you find it overheating more than normal then you can try the fixes mentioned above to resolve it.

Question:- What happens if the Roku device overheats?

Answer:- When a Roku device overheats, it can cause audio drop out or possibly sync troubles. Sometimes, it is normal for it but there are some situations when it gets warmer than usual.