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How do I Remove and Re-add Account and Data from Mac Outlook?

How do I Remove and Re-add Account and Data from Mac Outlook?

Remove Outlook account and data from Mac

If you want to learn how to Remove Outlook account and data from Mac then you have definitely found the perfect blog. But before we get to the process let’s just have a brief about what MS Outlook is all about and why it is so popular. Do you know that MS Outlook has become an indispensable part of the email communication department? There are several Mac users who in search of better email communication and strong safety measures prefer Microsoft Outlook over Apple’s default email application, Apple Mail on their Mac devices.

This is because MS Outlook enables us to effectively as well as efficiently send and receive emails, and also allows us to manage calendar events, schedule meetings create tasks, maintain journals, etc. Now we know that these are all important user data and therefore very valuable to store. So, we have Microsoft Outlook that stores such data automatically in dedicated data files which are created by the email client itself. Nevertheless, Outlook uses two different data file formats for the two most popular operating systems ‘Windows and Mac’ and they simply characteristically differ from each other.

Furthermore, in the context of MacOS, you must remember that Outlook has all the data only in a single database in ‘OLM format’. This means that if you remove your account, it will also remove your data from the database. However, it is completely opposite in Windows Outlook where if you want to remove an account then the data file for that particular account will continue and so to be able to remove the data you would need to track down individual .pst files as they generate individually.

How do I Remove Outlook account and data from Mac?

Well, removing email accounts from Mac Outlook is not hard at all. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions given below to Remove Outlook account and data from Mac:

  • You would need to start by launching Outlook on your Mac device.
  • And then from the Outlook ‘Menu’ you need to go to ‘Preference’.
  • Next, in the ‘Personal Settings’ row, you will need to select ‘Accounts’.
  • And now you can see the list of accounts that you have been using. You just have to select the ones that you want to remove from the given list of accounts displayed on the left side of the bar.
  • After that, on the left side of your screen, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on the minus (-) sign. And then you should press the ‘Delete’ button to confirm when you’re prompted with a confirmation dialog box to delete that account.

How do I re-add an account to Mac Outlook?

You should know that adding or re-adding an account to your Mac Outlook is just no different. It is so similar to the process of removing an account with only a few changes in the later steps of the procedure in Mac Outlook.

The following are the steps for adding an account to Mac Outlook without having to omit the similar steps used while removing an account:

  • First of all, you should open Outlook.com on your Mac device.
  • Next, you will need to click on Outlook ‘Menu’ and then go to ‘Preference’.
  • Then you need to select ‘Accounts’ from the ‘personal Settings’ section.
  • You now need to go to the bottom left of the window, click on the plus (+) icon and then also click on the ‘New Account’ option to add an account.
  • After doing so you will need to enter your ‘Office 365’ credentials such as email address and password in the given fields and then just click on the ‘Continue’ button to Sign in.

Moreover, you should know that when you Remove Outlook account and data from Mac, then even if you want to re-add that same account, you should always back up your ‘OLM’ data. This is because it is possible that during removing or re-adding the account you may just lose important data for various reasons, such as corruption of data, damage/loss of data etc.  Therefore to avoid such incidents from happening you will need to have an established means to safeguard your Mac Outlook – OLM data. So for this reason, you can choose to use ‘Stellar Converter for OLM’. This is a third-party tool and it is well-versed software that can help you directly in removing and re-adding an account in Mac Outlook but will also ensure the safety of your OLM data.


Overall several Mac users prefer using Outlook for Mac to manage their email communications, along with their calendar, events, tasks, notes, schedule, etc. Therefore since Microsoft Outlook offers all such incredible features with security of data as well many users choose the email client. Nevertheless, just like any other technical service, you will come across some issues with MS Outlook on your Mac device as this is a common situation.

So regarding such issues, we have explained the process above where you can easily Remove Outlook account and data from Mac and have the issue resolved in no time. However, if you encounter any problem or you have other queries related you can feel free to contact the well-trained and experienced Technicians provided 24/7. The team will make sure to guide you accordingly with the topmost solutions immediately.