8 Best Ways To Protect Your Mac From Malware

Protect Your Mac From Malware

Protect Your Mac From Malware:- We know that Macs are usually more secure than Windows machines right as they are not as immune to malware attacks. In this blog below you will find some security tips that are approve by expert for using an antivirus on Mac. Malware can come in just many forms and breach security and privacy as well as damage your device. Nonetheless, almost everyone knows that Macs are not really prone to malware attacks or viruses easily and this is only because they are built with extra secured hardware and software features such as Gatekeeper, Sandboxing, etc.

Now even though Macs are well protect by default with valuable security features and are not immune to malware attacks. You must still stay vigilant of malicious software and also continuously lookout to protect your device from Malware and virus attacks.

8 Best Ways To Protect Your Mac From Malware

Important of an Antiviruses Program –

Apple is known to have a good built-in antivirus tool at the very depth of your Mac PC. The antivirus that Apple provides has included technologies like address space layout randomization (ASLR), system integrity protection and XD. They all help in disabling malware and keeping your Mac protected from harm.  Although the built-in antivirus helps to secure your Mac against malware, you would still need to be very alert as it is definitely possible for any malware to target your device. Therefore you should always consider downloading the best antivirus software to ensure your Mac’s security. You can choose to use Apple’s reputable antivirus such as McAfee, Bitdefender, Avira and Avast antivirus which offers you real-time protection and regular updates.

Enable Macs Firewall –

if you are using public network connections regularly on your Mac then you must make sure that your firewall is enable You should know that a firewall on Mac helps to protect the system from the incoming connections that are launch by other computer, so as to keep your device safe from any network.

To be able to turn on your Macs firewall in the System Settings you will need to follow these steps;

  • First of all, you should click on the ‘Apple Menu that is in the menu bar and then open System Settings.
  • Next, you would need to select Network from the left pane and then click on the ‘Firewall’ option on the right side.
  • And now you will need to use the toggle on the right side to turn ‘Firewall’ ON or OFF.

If you want you could also specify additional security settings for the firewall; follow the steps below

  • You need to start by selecting ‘Options’ it is below the Firewall toggle.
  • And then you got to click on the ‘Plus + sign’ now select the apps and services that appear in the prompt to allow specific apps and services.
  • After that, you will need to turn on ‘Block all incoming connections, automatically allow built-in software, and also automatically allows the downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections.
  • Now if you want you could also enable stealth mode to make it harder for malware to find your device.

NOTE: You should know that if you block all the incoming connections then all the sharing services, file sharing, screen sharing etc will be blocked as well.

Downloading Apps Securely –

Now there is the ‘Gatekeeper’ that are well-built security layer in macOS, this helps to keep Mac safe from malicious programs. And it also prevents you from installing anything that is not verified by Apple.

An Apple device is set only to allow you to install apps that are download from the App Store and other identified developer. If you want any added security then you can change this default setting in the System Settings.

  • You need to go to open System Settings from the Apple menu.
  • Next, you would have to select the ‘Privacy and Security’ option on the left and then scroll down to ‘Security’.
  • And now right under the ‘Allow Applications downloaded from’ section you should choose App Store.

When you enable the firewall on your Mac this will not stop you from installing apps that are download from the internet and also apps from unidentified developer. But, Gatekeeper definitely warns you of the risks and adds some additional steps before you can download any app from an unknown developer.

Updating your Device –

Apple always introduces security fixes for vulnerabilities in MacOS with every new system update. Nevertheless, if you do not update your device then your system will be behind in terms of security. Hence you should follow the steps below to check for macOS updates;

  • Firstly, you need to go to System Settings from the Apple menu.
  • After that, you will need to select ‘General’ on the left pane and then click on the ‘Software Update’ option on the right side, and then it will immediately check for updates.
  • Now if an update is available then you should download and install it right away.
  • And then you should click on the ‘Information (i) icon that is beside ‘Automatic Updates’.
  • You now just need to toggle on all the options and then select the ‘Done’ button.

Ensure to update your Apps and Browser –

The app that are download from the App Store are automatically update by default. But you would need to manually update any other app and browsers that you download from the internet. The updates contain security features also that help to protect you from malware while you’re surfing the internet.

There are certain browsers like Google Chrome, which inform you when there is a new version available. To be able to check for software updates on Google Chrome then you will need to click on the ‘Three Dots’ icon that is at the top right corner, select Settings and then choose ‘About Chrome’.

Surfing the Internet Safely –

It is very important that you surf the Internet safely as cybercriminals are always out searching for opportunities so that they can perform phishing stunts to steam away your personal data and also attach your device with malware. And this can be done through suspicious link that are unverified email or website.

For this, you can also choose to apply for a safety guideline that will help you avoid clicking links and attachments in unverified emails. You must also be cautious of the websites that you visit and avoid websites that are without a valid SSL certificate and that have aggressive pop-up ads and new tabs. Other than that you should make sure to check out the website if it is secure.

Try to always Use a VPN –

This feature serves as an added layer of security against malware. Alike a firewall, a VPN also helps to protect you from malware attacks whenever you connect to the internet through a public network. You should know that using a VPN only helps to keep your data more private just by forwarding all your encrypted data straight to the VPN service endpoint doing so makes your data inaccessible to malware on the device. Apple also offers the best pseudo-VPN call ‘Private Relay for iCloud+ subscriber and it is known to encrypt Safari and DNS-related traffic on Mac. However, if you like you can also choose to install the best third-party VPNs just for extra protection of your device.

Making Sure a regular backup is done –

This is also a necessary step as a regular backup is a great way of protecting the device from total data loss or any damage if malware happens to get into it without your notice. An external drive is a good choice to back up your files.

Creating a Strong Password –

This is a very important step as creating a strong password is the layer of security that you would need to protect your device. A strong password makes it difficult for anyone to get past your login screen and also prevents prying eyes from accessing your emails, files, photos etc.

By now you should be all set and ready to secure your Mac with a good antivirus. And if you still any further assistance then you can get in touch with the experts without any hesitation. The techs will then be available instantly to guide you accordingly with the needful. Call our Geeks tech support number at +1-888-256-6612 for Instant Help.

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