Pogo Games online : Common issues

Pogo Games Online

You can play Pogo games online on any electronic device like mobile, tablet or a pc. All these devices have a browser to run the games. If the device o/s is not updated, or the browser is corrupted, there must be issues to play online games. The issues like game does not load, crashes, or even runs slow could be because of the technical glitch.

The following steps helps to curb on such technical difficulties

The question to address here is, like why pogo games keep freezing, not loading, and not connecting?  In all the scenarios, it is quite frustrating for you not able to enjoy playing games when your really need to lighten up yourself. 

Pogo Games Online Wednesday challenge

It is high time when all games are online and traffic on the website increases significantly. Which eventually slows the server down. The excitement, to play games on Wednesday with new challenges, spoils completely when the traffic is high, and connectivity is poor. One can wait for some time and try again to play the game online to see if the server is up and running. Or choosing a game room with less number for players could be of some help.

Compatibility Issues 

on the pogo games website, you can check for compatibility scan tool to find out if the game you want to play does support your device or not.  The scan helps you to figure out the errors and once you know it, you can easily rectify the errors. After troubleshooting these errors, you should always run the scan to recheck if the errors are rectified.

Flash or Java use for pogo games online

For games supported on JAVA:

It is important to find out the game you are looking to play runs on Java or Flash. The fix the issues of game crash and game not loading, you can try these steps

  1. Java should be enabled in the device’s browser
  2. Clear the cache and restart your device
  3. Try to clear browser cache

For games supported on Flash:

  1. Verify, install, or update Flash on the device.
  2. Enable the java on the device.
  3. If problems stay, reinstall Java
  4. Adjust the Flash Player Storage and Global Storage Settings.
  5. Clear the Flash Player Storage by Deleting All Sites from the Storage Setting Panel of the Website. (Read More)

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