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How do I Fix ‘Outlook Error 0x800ccc90’?

How do I Fix ‘Outlook Error 0x800ccc90’?

Outlook Error 0x800ccc90

If you are facing issues with ‘Outlook error 0x800ccc90’ then you have definitely reached the right place. Here in this blog, we will discuss why this error occurs and what causes it. You just need to read along to get accurate results.

Usually, this error ‘0x800ccc90’ in Outlook occurs when Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the incoming mail server. This indicates that there is an issue with your login credentials or it could also be the authentication process with the email server.

What are the Common Outlook Error 0x800ccc90 Messages?

There are several error messages that are associated with the Outlook error 0x800ccc90.

  • Task’s server name – This is sending and receiving the reported error ‘0x800ccc90’. This indicates that your incoming (POP3) email server has reported an internal error. So if you continue receiving this message, then you should contact your server administrator or the Internet server provider (ISP). The Server responded – ‘ERR invalid command’.
  • Task server name – sending and receiving reported error (0x800ccc90) this is ‘Unknown Error 0x800ccc90’.
  • Outlook Express Error Code 0x800ccc90 – this error indicates that was a problem logging into your mail server. Your ‘User Name’ was rejected, Account – ‘Server name’, Server: ‘server name’ ‘Protocol: POP3, Server Response: -ERR Invalid command. Port: 110, Secure (SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800ccc90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92.’
  • Outlook Error 0x800ccc90 – ‘Task server name: Sending and Receiving reported error (0x800ccc90). ‘Your Incoming (POP3) email server has reported an internal error.’ And if you continue receiving messages you should contact your server administrator or Internet server provider (ISP). The server responded: ERR (AUTH) Authentication failed.
  • Unable to log on to the server using the ‘Secure Password Authentication’ account: ‘pop3.example.com’, Server: ‘pop3. example.com’, Protocol: POP3, Server Response: ‘-ERR Authentication failed’, Port: 110, Secure (SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800ccc90, Error Number: 0x800CCC18.’
  • Outlook Express Error Code 0x800ccc90 – ‘POP3 response error – Client response invalid.
  • Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800ccc90: ‘Server error – 0x800ccc90, error number: 0x800ccc90.

Some Causes of Outlook Error 0x800ccc90

Here are some of the possible causes that may lead to the error 0x800ccc90 in your Outlook:

  • Incorrect email address and password
  • An Outdated email client
  • Registry-related issues – Invalid Entries
  • Issues with the server
  • Failure with the POP3 server
  • Issues with the ISP blocked the office port
  • The Port of the outgoing server changed
  • Microsoft send/receive servers not running issues
  • Issues with multiple POP3 accounts in one Outlook profile
  • Corruption is the PST file
  • A problem with missing Windows Live Mail files

Solutions to Resolve the Outlook Error 0x800ccc90

Below you will find some reliable solutions that can help resolve the error 0x800ccc90 in your Outlook account.

1) Create New Send/Receive Groups

Do you know that you can divide your POP3 accounts into small groups? This helps to make the send/receive procedure easier for you.

The following are the steps to create a new ‘Send/Receive’ group in Outlook:

  • You would need to first launch Outlook and then press the ‘Send/Receive’ tab.
  • Next, you need to select the ‘Send/Receive Groups’ option from the given dropdown menu.
  • And then you should click on the ‘Define Send/Receive Groups’.
  • After that, you will need to select the ‘New’ option to create a new group.
  • You now need to give the group a name and then select the accounts that you want to include.
  • Then you just need to choose the options for sending and receiving emails for the group.
  • Now you must click on the OK button to save the new group.

2) Starting Outlook in Safe Mode

If you want to identify if any problematic add-ins are causing the error in your Outlook then you can start Microsoft Outlook in ‘Safe Mode’ and follow the mentioned steps to do so;

  • You need to start by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ keys at the same to open the ‘Run’ application.
  • Then in the ‘Search box’ you need to enter ‘Outlook.exe/safe’ and then just hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Next, if you are prompted you should click on the ‘Yes’ button to start Outlook in Safe Mode.

Now if you find Outlook opening in ‘safe mode’ without any error then this means that some conflicting or faulty ‘add-ins’ were causing the error 0x800ccc90. Therefore in such a case, you can choose to remove the add-ins from Microsoft Outlook by following the given steps:

  • You must first launch Outlook and then navigate to the ‘File’ tab.
  • After that, you need to select ‘Options and then click on the ‘Add-ins’ tab.
  • You now need to select ‘COM Add-ins’ from the ‘Manage’ section and then just click on ‘Go’.
  • Next, you should uncheck the box that is beside the add-in that you want to remove.
  • And then click on the OK button to save the changes made and restart Outlook.

3) Repairing Outlook Program

To be able to repair the Outlook program you can use the Quick Repair or Online Repair method:

  • First of all, you need to open the ‘Run’ dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys together and then type ‘appwiz.cpl’ to launch the ‘Programs & Features window.
  • Now you should look for either Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 in the program list depending on the type of versions you have installed.
  • After you need to right-click on the program and select the ‘Change’ button.
  • And now you must select the ‘Quick Repair’ option by clicking on the radio button that is next to it in the dialog box that asks you ‘How would you like to repair the Office programs’.
  • You then need to click on the ‘Repair’ button and confirm it by clicking on the ‘Repair’ again option. After which you should wait for the ‘Quick Repair’ process to complete successfully.
  • However, in case ‘Quick Repair’ does not solve the problem, then you can repeat the process and select ‘Online Repair’ in step 4. Now once the repair is finished you should check if the Outlook issues have been fixed.

4) Repairing the PST File

Now if the PST file is corrupted then you can also encounter the Outlook error 0x800ccc90. Nevertheless, you can have the PST file repaired by using the Outlook Inbox Repair tool or the ScanPST. Hence, to use ‘ScanPST.exe’ you will need to follow these steps;

  • You must first begin by closing Outlook.
  • And then you should locate the ScanPST.exe file on your computer.
  • After that, you need to double-click on ScanPST.exe to launch the tool.
  • Then in the ‘Enter the name of the file you want to scan’ field, you have to browse and select the PST file that you want to scan and repair.
  • Next, you would need to click on the ‘Start’ button to start the scanning process.
  • After which the tool will analyze the PST file and report the error. And then you just need to select the ‘Repair’ button to get the issues fixed.
  • Finally, once the repair process is completed, you will need to open Outlook and check if the error has been resolved.

However, if the ScanPST fails to resolve the issues then you can use an advanced PST repair tool such as ‘Stellar Repair for Outlook’. This uniquely designed can help to easily repair severely corrupted PST files of any size.


You need to know that the Outlook error code 0x800ccc90 may occur when Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the incoming mail server. So in such a situation, you can follow the solutions given above that help fix the error efficiently. Moreover, if the cause of the error is corruption in the PST file then it is recommended that you use ‘Outlook PST file repair software’ such as ‘Stellar Repair for Outlook’. This tool can easily help to fix the problem by repairing the corrupted or damaged PST file.

So, now we hope that the above solutions have helped to fix the Outlook error code 0x800ccc90. But if you happen to still face some issues or you have queries related then you can contact the technical team provided right here without any second thoughts.

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