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How to Resolve the Not Receiving Email Issue?

Not Receiving Email
If you are unable to Not Receiving Email but you can send, then you’ve just got to take it easy, as the solution for your respective concern is right here.

There are several causes that you would need to investigate to find the root cause of the issue. And the list includes the email quota, the DNS settings, and the email client settings.

And also if the cPanel has reached its limit in disk quota, then for sure thin too can be the cause of you not receiving emails.

However, here in this blog, we are focusing on two main issues. For which we will provide you with the solutions to resolve the issue.

Now, if you were receiving email earlier and then suddenly the incoming emails stop working. This issue could be due to any of the following mentioned below;

  • The Email Quota Over Quota
  • And the cPanel Account Over Quota

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The Email Quota over Quota Not Receiving Email:

you know is a set of quota that every email account is created with. It is the amount of disk space that is allotted to a particular email address to use for email storage.

This was set from the time you created your email account in the cPanel. which can also be set to unlimited or to a fixed size as provided.

So the reason for the incoming email issues could be due to the disk amount. Space, as you would have to free space for the email account to be receiving emails once again. And you can also choose to delete some emails until it comes to the email quota.

Steps for testing your email accounts quota;

  • You need to first send an email o the email account in question. Then if the mailbox is full, you will get a bounce of the email that the disk space is exceeded.
  • You can then check for the email quota of the account directly by giving a click on the ‘Email Accounts’ icon, it will be in the cPanel.
  • You need to make sure that the Usage is not higher than the Quota requirements.

Follow these steps to change the email accounts quota;

  • Firstly, you would have to log into the cPanel.
  • Then you need to navigate to the Email section and select the ‘Email Accounts’ option.
  • You now have to scroll down to the email address, for the one you want to update the quota resources.
  • Next, you need to give a click on the ‘Change Quota’ tab right from the desired email address.
  • On the displayed page you can choose to type in the new quota amount or choose the ‘Unlimited’ option.
  • Now you must give a click on the ‘Change Quota’ option.
The cPanel Account over Quota:

This too is another cause of the ‘not receive email’, if the c Panel is overload according to the disk quota, then this issue will arise. To fix this you need to increase the space on your disk quota to be able to receive emails again.

Follow the given steps for checking the disk space for accounts over quota;
  • You need to log onto the WHM first.
  • Then after that navigate to the ‘Account Information’ section, which is on the left side of the menu.
  • And finally, click on the ‘Show Accounts over Quota’ option.

Note: You can also choose to check for the available disk space in the cPanel. You need to search for ‘Disk Space Usage’ from the left side of the panel.

Now the above-given information and solutions are reliable and should definitely help to resolve the Not Receiving Email. But in case you face any problem while going through the steps then you must immediately contact the proficient technicians at Email Support Number. And the team will help you right away without any delay as well as they will give you the appropriate guidance and instructions.

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