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MSN Email issues and easy Fix

MSN Email issues and easy Fix

MSN Email issues

MSN email service is an acronym for Microsoft Network. One of the most popular email services that are used by people all over the world. MSN is also called Hotmail and outlook. People use MSN for personal use and one can also use for work purpose.

However, at times a user may face some few problems and this article is to help provide you with solutions.

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MSN Email Issues Fix

There are many issues that you may face while using MSN. We have mentioned few of them here with short solution to it.

Some of the common MSN email problems are below:

  • Can not sign in to your MSN email account.
  • Unable to open your emails.
  • Unable to delete your emails
  • Creation of duplicate copies of emails that you have received
  • A problem regarding logging account after the deletion of the account
  • Unable to read your emails
  • Issues occurring due to the wrong password
  • Unable to receive your emails


Along with the list of problems mentioned above there are various other problems faced by MSN e-mail users. Some of them are listed down below:

  • If your browser is not compatible with the services you are using, then it will create a lot of MSN mail problems.
  • Sometimes, problems arise due to MSN Hotmail not working
  • Due to down services in your area, the user states the problem of why his\her MSN mail account is not working.
  • Due to the blocking of your account, MSN e-mail sign in problems will occur.
  • Problems occur due to an outdated version of your MSN email services

There are many other problems which are not listed above that the user many run into.


There are various methods in which you can try to solve your MSN email issues. 

Some of them are below:

  • Any issues related to logging or signing in- first check the server because sometimes these MSN email problems exist due to server issues.
  • Common MSN email problem of the user not able to open their account usually means that either you have a low speed internet connection or you have forgotten your password
  • Firstly check your internet speed. If your internet speed is good then try to change your password.
  • If the problem isn’t resolve even after changing the password, then contact the customer support of MSN email service
  • For problems related to passwords, type your password on notepad so you can see if you have typed it right or wrong. Because the password of MSN is case sensitive
  • If you are still unable to log in, it means that you have forgotten your password. But you can easily recover your password by following a series of simple steps.

More Steps Below to fix MSN Email Issues

  • Sometimes the problem of opening and reading of emails exist because of synchronization. This means that either the synchronization is not completing properly or it is completing at a low pace.
  • In that case, you need to check the number of emails logged in to you device. If you notice the number of emails log in to your device, then it is obvious that the process of synchronization becomes slow
  • To resolve this issues, you have to wait to get full synchronization of your account
  • Sometimes problems arise due to web browser; therefore it must be checked if your web browser is compatible with the MSN services
  • Sometimes you are unable to send or receive your email due to no internet connection
  • If you are connected to the internet and face issues, then the speed is slow. Therefore, check the speed or reconnect your network to resolve your problems with MSN email.
  • Sometimes problems arise due to the creation of duplicate copies of emails which you have received. To resolve such problems contact MSN email service customer support

How can I get an expert to help me with MSN email issue?

These are some of the solutions to the problems you can face while using MSN services. However, if you still face any other issues and are unable to solve it yourself. Then contact MSN customer support The team will help provide you with an appropriate solution for your problems in a minimum time.