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Keep Email Protected From Hacking

keep Your Email Protected

In this article, you will read about How To Keep Email Protected From Hacking Unfortunately, Email Hacking is getting very common nowadays. There is a study that has held at the University of Maryland finds that Every 39 Seconds a hacker attacks the system.

According to the Study, Hackers use simple software by which they can get into the computer or breach the security.

In Order to be safe, you must follow these steps so none of those hackers will breach your Email security.

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Steps To Keep Email Protected From Hacking

Two-Factor Authentication to Keep Your Email Protected

Firstly there are a few ways by which you can set two-factor Authorisation for your Email Account.

So, when you will log in after putting in your Email Address and Password it will ask you to put in the code that they will send you in Email or your Mobile Number. To Secure your email you must set Two-step verification.

Set Strong password to Keep Your Email Protected

You need to take the Password seriously, Try to Create a Strong password because usually, hackers try simpler Passwords like 123456 or Username+123. However, create a password that is unpredictable and Strong.

Stay Safe from Pishing Attacks

Pishing attacks, by which hackers can get into the computer and steal personal data. They can send you an Email and ask you to click on any link Make sure you never click on any email/link that you do not trust, or you do not recognize the email/link, do not go to any website which you do not trust.

Keep your device Protected

Email can also be Hacked by the device. The device on which you are login in to email is not properly protected. If someone steals the device he could compromise the email.

While Travelling or so if you have your device unprotected and someone gets access to the device they can hack into your Email.  Never leave your device unprotected.  While Using Public Computer Always Logout After You Use

These are the Recommended options by which You Can Protect Yourself from Email Hacking and Identity Theft or Data Theft. For Further Help Please Visit Our Website for Local Geeks Help or Chat with our Live Technician.

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