Learn how to reset a Spectrum router –Step-by-Step Guide

how to reset a Spectrum router

Do you want to learn How to reset a Spectrum router? You are in the right place as we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you complete the process in no time.

Well, before we begin you should know that when you run a factory how to reset a Spectrum router is a good way of dealing with many internet-related issues. Moreover, you should choose to do a factory reset every couple of months as some basic router maintenance. You would be glad to know that performing a how to reset a Spectrum router is very simple and easy. All you need to do is press the reset button hold for a few seconds and then let the router restart.

So let’s begin quickly with the process below and learn how to reset a Spectrum router by following some simple steps.

How to Reset a Spectrum router in just 4 simple easy steps

Step1 – First try and reboot it

  • First of all before you start to run a8 you will need to keep in mind that you must always try and run a regular reboot. This is very important as only switching your router off and on again makes a big difference and is handy when you troubleshoot problems with the router.
  • Furthermore, you must also know that when you choose to run a full factory reset on your router it will revert it back to its default settings. And this includes getting rid of custom network names making changes to the network settings and also may require you to connect all of your devices.

So you can easily reboot your Spectrum router just by switching it off by using the power button that is located on the backside.

Follow these steps to reboot the Spectrum router:

  • You will need to switch it off by using the power button which is located on the back.
  • Next, you should unplug the router from its power socket and leave it for at least a minute.
  • And then you must plug the router back in and press the power button. After doing so the router will switch back on.
  • You now just need to leave it for a few minutes and then you can consider resetting it.

Step2 – Locating the router’s Factory Reset button

In case rebooting the router did not help to fix the router issues then you can move on to running a full factory Reset your Spectrum router.

  • Well, you should know that as a pre-requisite, you would need to look for the ‘Factory Reset’ button first on your router. It is usually located right next to the power button. You will see that the reset button looks just like a small hole which is labeled as ‘Factory Reset’.
  • Remember that you will not be able to press it without a suitable tool. Therefore you would need to get something thin enough that fit in the hole and then press the button – it could be a pin, paper clip, or a toothpick.

Step3 – Pressing the reset button

Now once you have already located the Factory Reset button and you also have a suitable tool to press it then here’s what you would need to follow;

  • You will need to first insert the tool into the buttonhole and then press it down for about 30 seconds.
  • After doing so, you will notice the lights on your Spectrum router turning off while you’re doing the process.
  • Now right after 30 seconds, you can release the button.

This action should run the reset on your Spectrum router, which will also turn it to its default settings.

Step4- Letting the router settle

  • You need to know that you will not be able to use the router right after you have reset it as this will take some time for your internet connection to settle down and reconnect it. In fact you could choose to connect temporarily just before you lose the network connection again; this situation is normal and it means that you just need to give the router a little more time to re-establish a secure connection.

You need not worry as this is normal and it would only take a few minutes for the router to settle down after a reset is done. Moreover, in some cases, it can take up to 30 minutes. So the best thing that you can do is only wait patiently for the lights on your Spectrum router to go back to normal before you start using the internet again.

What is the Spectrum Reset button?

So just like the name suggests the reset button is used to reboot the router. We have mentioned in this guide that if you press and hold the reset button it should restart the router and then you can reconnect it to the internet. Well, this step is necessary as resetting the router usually resolves minor troubleshooting issues that occur.

How long do I need to hold the Reset button on the Spectrum router?

Well, once you find the reset button, you just need a tool to press it. You will need to press and hold it for about 15 to 30 seconds. Then when you see the router lights turning off you just need to release the buttons.


There you go now! After you have finished following the above instructions you should be all good to start using your Spectrum router again. We hope that you find this blog helpful and are satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, if you come across some sort of glitches you can feel free to contact the technical team provided at any time. They will assist within the least time possible making sure that you have all your queries resolved effectively.

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