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How to Change your Comcast Xfinity WiFi Password

How to Change your Comcast Xfinity WiFi Password

How to Change Xfinity Wifi Password

How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password: If you are struggling to remember your complex Xfinity Wi-Fi password then you will surely be glad that you have reached this blog. Here you will be guided on How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password in just a few steps. We will discuss two methods via the ‘Router’ and the ‘Mobile App’ to easily update your password. Moreover, you are also provided with troubleshooting tips for common issues and how you can personalize the network credentials.

How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password – 2 Fail-proof Ways

Here we have categorized the methods into two main routes so you can just choose whichever method is convenient for you:

  • Change the password via the Xfinity router interface
  • Use the Xfinity mobile app to update

Solution 1 –  Changing your Password via the Xfinity Router Interface

This method is the most direct method to change your Xfinity Wi-Fi password. Just follow the mentioned steps to make the change using the router’s interface.


  • The Router IP address: Remember you should know your router’s IP address. Usually for Xfinity routers it is
  • The default username and password: Generally the default login is ‘admin’ and ‘password’.

Step-by-step Changing your passwords Instructions

  • Firstly, you would need to connect your computer, tablet, or phone to your network by using the Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable connected to your gateway.
  • Next, you will need to open a web browser and go to the ‘Admin Tool’ by entering http://10.0.01. This allows you to access the administration site for your wireless gateway.
  • Now by default, the username for the ‘Admin Tool’ is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’ (also remember that the password is sensitive case). You should enter the credentials and then select the ‘Login’ button. If you have recently changed your ‘Admin Tool’ password then you would need to perform a factory reset on your wireless gateway.
  • After that, when you are logged in, you must navigate to the left side menu and select ‘Gateway’ then ‘Connection’ and then ‘Wi-Fi’.
  • And then under the ‘Private Wi-Fi Network’ section you will find the name (SSID) of your Wi-Fi network.
  • If you need to make changes you can select the ‘Edit’ option. And if you see two network names, you must make sure that you select ‘Edit’ for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz so that you can view the settings for each band.
  • And now if you would like to view your Wi-Fi password then you can simply check the box that is next to ‘Show Network Password’. When you are done making the necessary changes you just need to select the ‘Save Settings’ button to apply them.


  • If you happen to forget your login credentials you can choose to reset your Xfinity router or WPS button to restore factory settings.
  • Alternatively, the EaseUS KeyFinder tool can also help retrieve your lost Xfinity Wi-Fi password.
  • You just need to install and initiate the EaseUS KeyFinder tool on your computer, select ‘WLAN’ from the options on the left side and then locate your Wi-Fi account.
  • You will then see your Xfinity Wi-Fi password displayed alongside the network name.

Solution 2 –  Change your Xfinity Wi-Fi password on the phone – Using the Xfinity Mobile App

This is another convenient method that will help to How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password via the Xfinity mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices; moreover, the app’s user-friendly interface allows you quick and hassle-free changes in no time.

However, you must keep in mind that if you have xFi Pods or Wi-Fi Intelligence’ enabled on your account then only can you change your Wi-Fi name and password using the Xfinity app. However, the option to edit the same through the ‘Admin Tool’ feature will be disabled.

Step-by-Step How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password Instructions

Follow the steps below to change your Xfinity Wi-Fi password through the Xfinity app:

  • You would need to first download and install the Xfinity app from the ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ if you have not done it already.
  • Next, you must open the Xfinity app on your mobile device and log into your Xfinity account.
  • And then tap on the Wi-Fi tab which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • You now need to select ‘Wi-Fi details’ to view your current Wi-Fi network information.
  • After that, on the pop-up screen, you would need to tap on the ‘Edit Wi-Fi settings’ at the bottom.
  • Now here, you get to view and change your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password.
  • You can go ahead and make the changes when you are done you just need to tap on the ‘Save’ button to apply the new password.
  • Remember that is important to note that the steps provided are based on general knowledge and could vary slightly depending on the version of the Xfinity app you have. Nevertheless, if you come across any problem or you need assistance then you can contact Xfinity Support or just refer to their support articles for further detailed instructions.

After that, your password should be updated immediately.

NOTE: You must be aware that you cannot change your Wi-Fi password using the Xfinity website because it has been removed since October 2023 due to security reasons.

Why it’s important to Change Your Xfinity Wi-Fi Password?

Some key reasons that you may want to update your Wi-Fi password:

  • Enhanced security – You should know that the default passwords are easier for hackers to guess. Therefore you should always choose to create a strong, unique password that protects your network from unauthorized access.
  • Easier to remember – if you use a password like ‘4kl39XmP2’ then it is hard to memorize. Moreover switching to something like ‘Pineapple123’ is much easier to recall.
  • Personalization – Choosing to update your password lets you customize, your network with a password that is relevant to you.
  • Share selectively – You can even choose to share your new password instead of giving access to anyone with the default.

Customizing Your Xfinity Wi-Fi Network

Do you know that when you change your Xfinity Wi-Fi password it will give you an opportunity to fully customize your home network credentials?

  • You should create a strong, password that is easy to remember and difficult to guess.
  • Also, consider changing your Xfinity network name (SSID) to something personalized.
  • Upgrading your router equipment gives you better range and faster speed.
  • You should also choose to enable additional security settings like ‘WPA2’ encryption on your wireless network.
  • Make sure to disable automatic connections to limit who can join your Wi-Fi.
  • Also setup a guest network with a separate SSID and password to share with visitors.

If you have full control over your network name and password then you can configure your Wi-Fi to be as secure, private and customized as you prefer.

Now that you have finished going through the above instructions you should be all good How to Change Xfinity WIFI Password without any difficulty. However, if you encounter any issues you can always get in touch with the technical team who are highly knowledgeable to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

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