How To Change Your Apple ID On An iPhone

how to change apple id on iphone

If you need to change the Apple ID on your iPhone then you must go through this content. Here, you will find the simple steps to change the Apple ID on your iPhone. So, move ahead and in case of any issues related to it then feel free to reach out to tech support for quick Apple-related queries.

What Is An Apple ID?

Apple ID is an account that helps access different Apple services such as iCloud, Apple Music, App Store, Apple Pay, as well as Facetime. Also, it includes personal information as well as settings that you can easily use for authenticating on the devices. Also, the ID is tied simply to the email address properly. The Apple email address can be,,, or any other.

Important Steps Before Changing Apple ID

Before changing it, you must log out from everywhere or all devices such as Apple TV, Apple HomePod, iPad, or any other devices. After changing, you can easily log back into the device with the help of your new ID.

How To Change Your Apple ID On iPhone

To change the Apple ID on your iPhone, follow the steps as follows;

  • You have to, first of all, open the settings app mentioned on your device.
  • Settings app on iPhone
  • After that, you need to go to your name which will appear near the top of the respective screen which you will find under the name for accessing it.
  • your name
  • You need to then choose a name, phone number, and email and then you can easily write down the passcode quickly to gain access.
  • blue edit button
  • Next, go to the blue edit button mentioned on the right.
  • red-minus sign
  • Go ahead to the red-minus sign that will appear on the left side of your respective Apple ID.
  • delete option
  • You have to choose the delete option then instantly.
  • After doing so, you have to go ahead to the continue option mentioned in the pop-up asking to add another email address for accessing it. Next, you have to quickly write down the passcode again in the given field.
  • add another email address
  • You have to then write down the new Apple ID email address and then choose the next option mentioned in the top right corner.
  • You will soon receive an email address and then you can easily write down in the given field for logging.

Need some help?

If you are still facing some issues while changing the Apple ID on your iPhone. If you need help with Apple devices, contact our experts now. Call Our Geeks Tech Support Number +1-888-256-6612 or chat live with our experts.

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