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How Much Is Roku? 2024 Pricing Guide for Roku, Subscriptions & More

How Much Is Roku? 2024 Pricing Guide for Roku, Subscriptions & More

How Much Is Roku

If you are thinking about buying a Roku, then chances are that you might be a little confused about what would be the cost, right? So if you would like to know how much does Roku cost? Or you wondering are the channels free? Or do you need to sign up for a subscription? Can you rent a movie on Roku? Etc anything related then you would be extremely glad now that you have come across this blog, as here in this pricing guide we aim to answer all your concerns and queries.

Now even though Roku is known to be one of the most budget-friendly streaming devices you can get, there are also various costs involved when you tally up the total price of using one. For new users the device cost varies considerably however, confusion can often revolve around the actual channel prices.

So now to curb the confusion we’ll cover up the cost of each Roku device and also run through the different prices for Roku channels. In addition, we will also discuss about Roku channel subscription if you would like to opt for it.

What is the cost of Roku in Total?

You should know that the total cost for Roku varies from user to user. This is because you would first need to make a decision on a device and they are all different in both price as well as features. You would also be happy to that a Roku device can cost you as little as $29 or as much as a thousand dollars. So how much you spend depends on what you really want.

Now apart from the actual device, there are costs involved with certain channels and streaming services also. Although some channels and services are free for others you would need to set up a subscription or pay a one-off fee. However, those that do cost some money are not at a set price either so again it all depends on what you want to purchase.

Furthermore, you also have on-demand channels as well as such as ‘Redbox’ which offers a pay-as-you-go option. Although the initial ‘Redbox’ account is for free after that you can just choose to rent or purchase movies as you like.

How Much Is Roku?

Below we have listed all the current Roku devices along with their costs and features. Hence you can make a choice and pick a device that suits you well.

1) Roku Express 

This is the cheapest you can find but it only streams up to HD 1080p, and not 4K. This includes a simple remote as well. However, it is good for first-time streamers, second TVs or even if you are on a set budget.

Price: $24.99

2) Roku Premiere 

Although the Premier looks a little different it is basically the same as the Roku Express except for one detail and that is that it can stream in 4K.

Price: $31.70

3) Roku Streaming Stick+

This is known to be one of Roku’s most portable devices, it is the size of a flash drive and is plugged into the TV’s HDMI port. This is because of its long-range wireless receiver and it includes the Enhanced Voice remote.

Price: $69.99

4) Roku Ultra LT

The Ultra LT is designed to be a permanent entertainment system. This includes extended wireless and it is also the cheapest Roku with an Ethernet port. You can even insert a micro SD for expanded channel storage, and it also comes with the Enhanced Voice remote. But it does not include an HDMI cable.

Price: $79.99

5) Roku Ultra

This is the 2020 model, which is the Ultra 4800R. It is known to be the fastest and the most powerful option you can get. Includes the best wireless, receiver as well as an Ethernet port. It even supports Bluetooth connectivity and can stream in Dolby Vision on top of its 4K capability.

Price: $74.99

6) Roku Smart Sound bar

This is a great option if you are looking forward to improving your TV sound because this is basically a powerful speaker that comes with a TV player built in. It also supports Dolby Audio and has different sound modes and speech clarity options as well. It even supports Bluetooth and has a USB port for local playback and comes with the Voice remote.

Price: $129.99

7) Roku Streambar

Another great Roku 2020 model, it is mostly the same as the ‘Smart Soundbar but it is cheaper and more compact. There is one main difference, it does not have a dedicated Ethernet port, however, and you can still use the USB port to connect an Ethernet adapter. Just like the Smart Soundbar you also get the Voice remote.

Price: $139.99

8) Roku TV

now this is the most expensive to get yourself a Roku player but it would prove worth it if you are already looking forward to upgrading your TV. If you have a TV that has a Roku player built in will give you a unique experience of smart TV. This product comes with the Simple remote.

Price: here we cannot provide you with an exact price due to the different brands and sizes available. But the cost usually starts around $198.00 which can go into thousands.

What are the different Prices for Roku Channels?

Well, we already mentioned earlier that the pricing of Roku channels varies. We can go over the basics of the different types of channels and costs that you may come across. Now although Roku calls them ‘Roku TV Channels’ they are actually just apps. Just as with many other devices such as the ‘Amazon Firestick’, you can add apps for TV channels and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix on Roku to your Home screen.

You should know that there are thousands of channels available too (this includes local channels) and you can easily search for them in the Roku Channel Store. Moreover, Roku even has its own channel The Roku Channel’. This includes lots of ad-supported but free content and also some optional premium content as well.

So if you have both Channels’ and ‘The TV Channel’ you do not need to be confused as the latter is only another app. You also have the options for free channels such as network TV channels, like Fox News and ABC Plus; there are even some free apps as well that have a selection of content available like Pluto TV which has free sports, news, and live TV channels and some on-demand movies and TV shows.

What are the Paid Roku Channels?

You now also have the paid content and this comes in the form of a one-off payment or a subscription. For example, you may want to ditch your cable or satellite provider but still benefit from the same type of channels. Hence for this situation, you can choose to subscribe to a service such as Hulu, which starts at $5.99 per month, or FuboTV or Sling TV both cost $30 per month.

Nevertheless, if you are more inclined to watch movies and series then you may prefer a subscription with Netflix or Apple TV. And let’s not forget about the Disney fans; you may want to sign up for Disney+. So such a subscription can start the least at $4.99 per month.

So you see now that after the initial device cost you pay absolutely nothing and can enjoy some great TV time. Furthermore, when it comes to the cost of content this really depends on what you want and what you already have.

What is the Monthly Subscription Fee for Roku?

You would be glad to know that there is no subscription fee for Roku. Hence if anyone is trying to see your subscription or some sort of ‘Lifetime Netflix’ deal then you are definitely dealing with one of the common Roku scams and you should right away halt communication.

Now once you have paid for your device that is it and if after that you add some paid channels and subscriptions to your Roku account that is simply your choice. Moreover, there are also several free trials available on Roku.

Nevertheless, if you also have some preexisting subscriptions you can just add the channel to your Roku home screen and log into your account. If not you can even add a credit card or other payment method to your account as well as manage your Roku subscriptions through here.

We trust that you enjoy reading this blog and find it useful in every way. However, if you need any further guidance or you have some related queries then you can always contact the techs provided right away.

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