What should I do if anyone is Hacking E-mail?

hacking E-mail

In this Blog we will learn about if anyone is hacking E-mail than what should you need to do? If your Email is hacked so follow these step.

If your friends are getting unusual emails from you, your email might be hacked Since you are not sending them. It can affect you financially or socially because someone else using it.

Steps to Protect Yourself from Hacking E-mail:

If you just simply follow few instructions you can protect your information and recover your Email.

1-: Change Password If Anyone Is Hacking E-mail?

Hackers Do not change the password always, so you can access your Email now.

Firstly, Change Existing password of your Email so they cannot access it anymore or do anything.

To do so you must go to manage accounts or simply click on Forgot Password and Change it Quickly.

Always make sure that you have a strong password which should not be predictable.

2-: Review The Account Settings

As soon as You change the password of your Email, find out if any of the settings has been changed by the hackers. They usually change Email Forwarding, Login Credentials, Contacts etc.

Delete the setting which you do not recognize since they were there in your account, they must have changed a lot of things.

Let You contacts know if they receive any unusual email you are not the sender.

3-: Scan Device If Anyone Is Hacking E-mail?

After Checking the settings Scan the Device using any Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, as some malware might be in the computer.

If you find something suspicious in the scan quickly reset the Password Again.

Because meanwhile changing the password Earlier there was some malicious file were there sending them the keys.

4-Prevent Account From Further Hacking

By following the steps above you have got your email back in your Control

For Future try to login to Email only in your private network or trusted network

Keep your Personal Information saved, do not share your account credential to someone or try not to login when someone is looking at your screen. Always save website which you use so you will only visit to the good website.

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