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How To Fix Garmin Express Client Issues

How To Fix Garmin Express Client Issues

Garmin Express Clint Issues

Garmin Express Clint Issues and solutions

In this section, we will discuss about Garmin Express Clint Issues. If you are facing any issue call us our Local Geeks Experts.

Garmin Express Client Issues:- Installing Latest Windows Update

Windows rolls out important updates to fix the bug in the operating system. One of the bugs in our case might be Garmin Express is not launching.
If you are holding back and not installing the Windows update, we strongly recommend that you do. Windows 10 is the latest Windows operating system.

Garmin Express Clint Issues on Windows 10?

Garmin Express Application updates release often in a year. Critical updates are automatic when you launch. If necessary, it is also possible to check for application updates manually.

  • Open Garmin Express.
  • Then Click Settings.
  • Click About.
  • Check for Updates for Express.
  • Install Now if prompted.


  • Press “Windows + S” button to launch your start menu’s search bar. In the dialogue box type “Windows update.” Click the first search result which comes forward.
  • Once in the update settings, click on the button which says, “Check for updates.” Now Windows will automatically check for updates available and install them. It may even prompt you for a restart.
  • After updating, restart your computer and check if your issue fixes.

Deleting Garmin Express Configuration Files

Garmin Express may also not launch because the configuration files save against the application is corrupt. An application configuration file holds settings specific to an application.
This file has configuration settings that the common language runtime reads, and the application refers to these files when it needs to load already stored information. We can reset these configuration files and see if this solves the problem for us.

  • Press “Windows + R”, type “%localappdata%” in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  • Once in the directory, “right-click” on the folder “or_its_subsid folder” and select “Delete.”
  • If you prompted a UAC, click Yes, and continue.

Restart your computer after removing the file and check if you can launch the application correctly.

These are all the Garmin Express Client Issues. If you Need any Help you can call our Local Geeks Help Number +1-888-256-6612 or Live chat with our Geeks Experts.

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