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Canon Pixma B200 error; what is it and can I fix it?

Canon Pixma B200 error; what is it and can I fix it?

Fix Canon B200 Error

Fix Canon B200 Error: Are you troubled with your Canon printer as you are unable to do print jobs? Therefore you are looking forward to fixing the B200 printer error that has occurred? If so then we completely understand that one of the most feared Canon printer errors is B200. This error indicates a potentially catastrophic error with your device.

Remember not to junk it immediately, though. Here you are provided with a few troubleshooting steps that you can apply before you plan to buy a new one. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully to have your printer work smoothly again.

What are the Causes of the Canon B200 Error?

You should know that the B200 error indicates that you have a faulty print head at its most basic level. As you already know the print head is a part that distributes the ink from the cartridges onto the paper, which means that it is one of the most critical aspects of the entire printer. Moreover, print heads can also be problematic, especially with cheaper printers.

How do I Fix the Canon B200 Error?

To begin with, you need to know that there are several things that you can do to resolve a faulty print head and eliminate the B200 error that has occurred in your printer. Hence you can try out some of the suggestions mentioned below before you even think of replacing the entire device.

How do I Fix the Canon B200 Error

  • You need to start by resetting the printer and to do so you would need to unplug it and leave it disconnected for at least 30 minutes. This is because a good long reset allows the printer to cool down as well as restore everything to its proper position before you turn the printer back on.
  • Next, you will need to remove any obstructions. It could be that something may have disrupted the connection to the printer head. Therefore you should open the printer’s door, then carefully disconnect the print head and after that lift it out of the device. And now reset it and see if that has solved the issue.

TIP: Usually there is a lever on the printer head. So you just need to press the lever to remove the printer head.

  • You will now have to clean the printer. For this, you can use the device’s maintenance options to run its cleaning cycle. Nevertheless, it is very handy if your printer head is clogged.
  • After that, you should manually clean the print head. To do so you would need to use a pure alcohol or non-oil-based cleaner on the print head’s gold contacts. Also, remember to use a microfiber cloth to run the cleaner onto the contacts and then just let it dry completely before you connect it back.

Important Points to Fix the Canon B200 Error?

IMPORTANT: You must remember that the print is very fragile therefore you should handle it with care.

  • Now you should remove the old ink as there could be hardened ink trapped inside the print head. You just need to run it under hot tap water until the water comes out clean. Furthermore, make sure to dab it dry with a paper towel and then restart the head into the printer.
  • When that is done you will need to reinstall the printer drivers. You should find your device on the official Canon support page and then just follow the given instructions to update the drivers.
  • If that didn’t solve the problem then you can try a new ink cartridge. Although faulty cartridges rarely trigger the B200 error however it can happen at times. So for this process, you can refer to the user manual regarding your specific device.
  • At last, if you find that none of the above methods helped to resolve the issue then the B200 error is probably accurate and it may be time to shop for a new printer instead.

NOTE: Although it is possible to find the part that you need and install it, you should know that the cost of a new print head is almost the same as buying a new printer.

Now that you have gone through the steps above we hope that the Canon B200 printer error has been resolved. The solutions provided are absolutely relevant and have worked out for many users as well. But if you still come across some sort of issues or you have some related concerns then you can feel free to get in touch with the highly trained and experienced technicians. The team will assist you right away with the most suitable solutions they can.

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