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Email Usage | Email Tech Support

Email Usage | Email Tech Support

Email Support

You will learn about Email and Email Tech Support in the blog. Email or Electronic mail can easily be defined as an electronic medium of exchanging files or text messages between 2 or more Individuals across all computer networks via Internet networks.

Though more emails were transmitted by the Year 1966 than Postal mail, the first-ever Email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, an American Programmer himself, through ARPANET, the First Server to send mail between users on different hosts connected to ARPANET.

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Explaining Email Address & Breakdown

Example – xyz@techsupport.com

The First Part of an email address, i.e. XYZ before @techsupport.com, contains the name or alias of a person, group, department, or company.

Next, ‘@’ is required in all SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Email Addresses. It is a divider in the Email Address.

And finally, techsupport.com is the domain where the user belongs

How to use Email Service

Client Email

It is simple to use Email services these days or send and receive a message through an Email Client like Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook, etc.

While using an Email client, a Server that stores and delivers your message is used, and it is often hosted by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but can be a different internet company.

Web Email

Web Email service or webmail is the most popular way of sending Emails for most of us.

To use webmail, open any of your browsers and type the domain of your Email. If you have an email from Google, then you have to open www.gmail.com

You can create these free accounts on Hotmail (Outlook), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

How to Write an Email

Check out below how to compose or write a valid email   :

  • To ___. The Field is where you enter the name (Email Address) of a person you want to mail to. (Can have more than 1 recipient )
  • From___. Your email address should be visible in this blank space.
  • And then it’s the Subject___. It is the main content  or a short description  of the message, and your recipient can see the headline of what the main  message is all about
  • CC___. Now, this is the Carbon Copy of your message. In this space, you can select the Email addresses of people you want to show to whom you are sending the main message and the contents of your message, including all other CC’d to email addresses in the list.
  • BCC___.  In this, the recipients are secret. So, the recipients you select in the BCC list will not be able to see the email addresses of other recipients for the same message.
  • At last, Message body. This is where you write the main content or the description of your message.
  • Finally, your Signatures are at the bottom.
  • Press Send a message.

Advantages of Email

Email has surpassed postal mail because the whole process is instant, from composing & sending messages to receiving them.

  • It is Free for all (Requires Internet).
  • You can it deliver Globally to any country in the world
  • You can send an attachment along with the message, i.e. Pictures, documents, etc
  • Hassle-free storage capabilities on any backup electronically
  • It is indeed Environmentally friendly as the process does not require paper.

Email Tech Support

Sending and Receiving Emails is an easy process, but sometimes it gets hard to send and receive emails due to technical errors. To solve such problems, there are teams of experts or email tech support who can solve your problems. You can live chat with them or take email support on calls easily.