Why is my Samsung email not syncing with my Comcast email?

Comcast email not working on Android

Comcast email not working on Android: Are you an Android user and you are facing issues with your Comcast email not working on Android? Then you need not worry anymore as you have made it to the place you ought to. So if you are unable to send or receive emails, it goes directly to the outbox with the message saying ‘Couldn’t send’. Then this is just the blog you must read as here you will find all the accurate solutions to fix the Comcast email not working issues on your Android.

A Quick to it yourself solution:

Well, there are several causes for Comcast email to not be working on your Android. Such as the Comcast email server down. Fortunately, you can apply some general fixes to resolve the issue by ‘Reinstalling the Samsung email app, Clearing the app cache and re-login.

Now you just need to continue reading until you reach the end of this page to learn all about the causes and fixes for Comcast email not working on Android.

What Is Comcast Email All About?

You should know that Comcast email is associated with the Xfinity account and it uses the Comcast server to send and receive emails.

It is suitable for both personal as well as business purposes.

Nevertheless, Comcast does not have an app but you can always use third-party email tools to be able to access your Comcast account.

You can easily log in to your account using the Official Xfinity website on the web browser.

Moreover, you can also use other email apps such as Outlook and Samsung email app, to sign into your Comcast email.

Some cause why you’re Comcast Email Not Working on Android

Unfortunately, there are some software glitches that Xfinity customers face related to their account sync.

Your Comcast email may not also be working on your Android device due to several other reasons such as mentioned below.

1) Comcast Email Server Down

You must know that when the Comcast email server is down in your area then Comcast cannot function properly.

Besides, there are various other reasons such as; network issues or maintenance processes that can also be the cause for the server-related issues.

At times developers also turn down the servers for new updates and maintenance.

2) Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection is also a big reason for your Comcast emails to not work as Comcast cannot send or receive emails when the internet connection is slow.

You must know that a slow or no internet connection in your device does not allow your emails to load properly.

Therefore you should always check your Wi-Fi before you sign in to your Comcast account.

3) Incorrect Login Credentials

Now if you happen to enter your login credentials incorrectly then you should know that you will not be able to access your Comcast email account.

So you must make sure that you double-check your email address and password.

Is your Comcast Email Not Working On Android? Reliable Fixes:

Just like there are multiple issues so are there multiple fixes as well to fix Comcast email not working on Android issues.

Below are a few simple fixes that you should try when you experience the Comcast email not working issue.

1) Uninstall and Reinstall Samsung Email

If you are using the Samsung app to access the Comcast email then you should follow this method provided.

Remember that the Comcast email not working issue can easily be resolved if you choose to uninstall and reinstall the Samsung email app from the Playstore app itself.

Furthermore, after you reinstall the app you will need to enter your email address and password in the given fields to get your Comcast email again.

2) Use the Direct Comcast Email Site

If the email app has issues then you can always log in directly to the Comcast email from Xfinity.

When you are done signing in with your Comcast username and password then you will be redirected to the Comcast.net email dashboard.

And now you should access your emails by clicking on ‘Email and then Voice mails’ in the ‘Voice’ tab.

3) Verifying the IMAP Settings

You need to know that Comcast’s email server uses the IMAP server for sending and receiving emails.

Therefore you can verify the mail server from the Settings on your device. All you have to do is follow these steps below;

  • You need to go to the email app ‘Settings or Preferences’.
  • And then you must select the ‘Add New IMAP’ account from the given menu.
  • Next, you just need to enter your Comcast email and password correctly.

4) Clearing the Email App’s Cache and Data

This process is necessary and is very easy; you must clear the Samsung email app’s cache from the ‘Settings and then just tap on the ‘Apps’.

Next, you need to select the ‘Email’ app and tap on the ‘Storage’ after which you should tap on the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

Now to be able to clear the app data, you will need to navigate to similar settings and tap on the ‘Clear data’ button from the storage itself.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that clearing the data will reset the app to the original settings.

5) Remove the Account and Relogin

Now you should try and remove your Comcast account from the Samsung email app and then clear the cache.

After doing so you must restart your phone and then add back the Xfinity/Comcast email account using your username and password.

Often times this simple fix works immediately if compared to installing the app or clearing the data.


The above solutions and fixes are absolutely reliable and definitely useful. Therefore we hope that after you go through the steps thoroughly you should have your Comcast email account working again without any problem. However, if you encounter any issues you can directly connect with the most efficient technical team provided.

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