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Everything about Yahoo Mail messages & attachment size limits

Everything about Yahoo Mail messages & attachment size limits

Attachment Message Size Limits Yahoo

Learn about Attachment Message Size Limits Yahoo? If you want to know about Yahoo Mail messages & attachment size limits then you are at the right place. Here, you will know the complete details about Yahoo Mail messages as well as attachment size limits. Along with that, you will know how to reduce message size as well as how to send larger files. Also, in case of any issues related to Yahoo mail messages reach the experts right now for help.

What Are the Yahoo Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits?

Before starting, you should know that Yahoo Mail limits the size of the message that would be sent via the servers. Also, if your email contains a larger attachment then in such case, you need to simply find an alternative way to send it.

Also, note that the information provided in this content is only applicable to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail mobile apps for iOS as well as Android devices.

About Yahoo Mail message and attachment size limits

The Yahoo mail can send email up to 25 MB only. The size limit would be applicable to both the message as well as its attachment. In case the attachment is more than 25 MB then it would not go because the text as well as the other data in the message can only add a low amount of data.

How to instantly reduce the size of the message?

To reduce the size of the message, you need to simply;

  • Try to compress the attached file with the help of an archiving utility.
  • If you are trying to send multiple files then in such case, you need to attach them to more than a single message.
  • You can also send the link so that the recipient can easily download the file.

How to Send Larger Files

For sending larger files, you need to simply use a file-sending service. Or, you can simply upload it to the DropBox and send a link via Yahoo Mail.

Also note that older versions of Yahoo Mail only include Dropbox integration. Unfortunately this feature has been removed.

Need some help?

If you need some help related to Yahoo mail messages or size limits then you can simply reach the team now. Just let our experts help you get rid of such email requests and get complete guidelines regarding it.

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