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3 Best Quick Ways To Resolve AOL Mail Not Working on The iPhone

Last updated on September 17th, 2022 at 05:32 am

AOL Mail Not Working on The iPhone

AOL Mail Not Working On The iPhone

Are you encountering some troubles while resolving AOL mail not working on the iPhone or iPad? If so, then you have already come to the right place, here, you will get the right ways for resolving AOL Mail not working on iPhoneFollow the ways mentioned below for fixing such AOL mail not working related issues on iPhone:

AOL Mail Not Working On The iPhone Follow Given Steps:- 

Do A Hard Restart For The AOL Mail App

The first Way is to do a hard restart for the AOL app. A hard restart starts by closing all the running apps and then you need to open the AOL mail account again. After that, you can open the apps that you want. 

For doing so, you need to swipe off the bottom of the screen and then top together. And in case if you have a home button in your iPhone then you need to simply swipe the app up and it will get closed down. Or, you can directly turn the device on and off for doing a hard restart for the respective AOL mail app.

Uninstall And Reinstall Your AOL Account

Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the AOL app can solve a lot of troubles. So, you can instantly uninstall the app and then go to the app store and reinstall the AOL account quickly on your device. 

Also, if need, you are suppose to update the respective account. For doing so, you need to open the AOL app and then need to choose the logo for AOL in the top-left corner. There, choose manage account > edit mentioned at the top-right corner and then choose remove or delete account option. 

You need to simply move to the top-left corner and there, you have to select the sign-in option. Write down the email address and password in the given field for fixing the iPhone issue related to AOL account.

Reset Multiple Accounts Via Settings

You need to simply remove the accounts individually and then it can resolve issues related to AOL. For doing so, you are suggested to open mail settings and then have to scroll down to AOL. 

There, you need to choose AOL > settings > reset all accounts. After doing so, you need to login with your email address and password again into the given field for resetting it.

You can also update the AOL app to its latest version and in case of any troubles, feel free to reach us Live Chat.

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