Troubleshooting Why Your AOL Mail Not Syncing in Windows

Troubleshooting AOL Mail Not Syncing

In this addition we will discuss about Troubleshooting AOL Mail Not Syncing in Windows 10/11. We all know AOL is one of the reputed subsidiaries of Verizon communication that are used with Yahoo, Gmail, and other email service providers. Though it is very useful but yet sometimes, people face issues with AOL. So, if you are also encountering some troubles while syncing AOL Mail? Don’t worry! We got your back, here you will find the right steps for troubleshooting AOL Mail not syncing troubles on windows 10 or 11. Go ahead, follow them, and fix the mail not syncing issues of AOL right now:

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Troubleshooting AOL Mail Not Syncing in Windows 10/11

1: Run The Troubleshooter

  • Open the windows settings app on your device or simply hold down the windows and I key together.
  • Choose an update and security option from the settings app on your device.
  • Move to the troubleshoot option that is located on the left panel.
  • Go to the windows store apps mentioned in the right panel.
  • Choose run the troubleshooter option and follow the on-screen prompts for fishing the respective steps.

Yet if it fails to resolve the trouble then move to the next step.

 2: Change the antivirus settings

You have to look for the antivirus settings and see if you have restricted AOL from accessing the internet or not. If yes, then you need to simply disable it by moving to the control panel and choosing to remove the program.

If it doesn’t help then try step 3.

3: Try different antivirus program

If you are tensed about your device then you are supposed to fix AOL mail syncing trouble right now by using another antivirus program. But make sure to use some trial version before using any other antivirus program permanently.

4: Re-add the AOL account

  • You are suggested to, first of all, delete and then remove the AOL account by following the steps as follows:
  • Go to the settings and then choose to manage accounts on the system.
  • Choose delete an account and then go to AOL account.
  • Remove it and then add it again with the help of the correct credentials.

5: Turn off 2-step verification if on

If still, you are unable to sync AOL email then you are suggested to turn off 2 step verification right now by following the steps as follows:

  • Go to AOL account and then sign into it > options.
  • Give a click on account info and then you can easily access your AOL account.
  • Choose account security and then finally, choose to turn it off there.

If unable to fix it, try step 6.

6: Disable the proxy now

  • Follow the steps for disabling the proxy:
  • Go to windows and I to launch the Settings app.
  • Choose the network and internet option and go to the left side.
  • There, go to the panel option and turn off the option to use a proxy server instantly.

7: Turn on calendar access

Syncing is directly linked with the calendar so it is good to turn it on:

  • Launch the system settings app and move to the privacy option.
  • There, choose the calendar option and then go to let the app access my calendar option.
  • Finally, modify the sync by moving to the mail settings > account settings > AOL account and finally turn it on AOL syncing settings.

 8: Finally, verify the server settings on your device

If still, nothing helps then you need to verify the server settings by following the steps as follows:

  • Launch the mail app settings > manage accounts > AOL account.
  • Choose Mailbox sync settings and finally need to confirm some important details such as IMAP username, incoming mail server, standard port, SMTP, username, password, and so on.


If still facing some issues with AOL Mail not Sync in windows issues, then contact the AOL Geeks Experts for instant help. You can call us our Geeks Tech Support Number+1-888-256-6612 or you can Live Chat with our Geeks Experts. 

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